Flint, Mich., resident Jacqueline Pemberton holds her granddaughter at a press conference announcing a lawsuit against government officials in November. Pemberton is one of six plaintiffs claiming that officials violated constitutional rights by providing lead-tainted water to residents. Jake May/mlive.com/Landov hide caption

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The 1,300-page transportation bill is designed to free up highway bottlenecks, increase the number of buses and ferries, enhance high-tech information sharing to reduce congestion and fill a lot of potholes. Carlos Osorio/AP hide caption

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A view of greater New York City from the International Space Station. NASA hide caption

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People paddle past a flooded house as water that breached dams upstream continues to reach the eastern part of the state on October 8, 2015 in Andrews, S.C. Many dams in the state — and across the country — are in need of repair. Joe Raedle/Getty Images hide caption

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High-profile events like bridge collapses or road sinkholes (like this one in Maryland in 2010) could make you think America's roads are crumbling. That's not quite true. Logan Mock-Bunting/Getty Images hide caption

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Brazil spent billions renovating and building World Cup stadiums. Almost a year after the tournament ended, the nation is still trying to figure out what to do with them. The Mane Garrincha Stadium in Brasilia, Brazil (shown here in April 2014), was the most expensive of the stadiums — at a cost of $550 million — and is now being used as a bus parking lot. Eraldo Peres/AP hide caption

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Chinese President Xi Jinping, center, and Asian leaders approved an agreement on the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in Beijing in Oct., 2014. European countries are beginning to sign up too. Takaki Yajima/AP hide caption

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Surveyors work below the Interstate 495 bridge over the Christina River near Wilmington, Del., on Tuesday. The bridge was closed at the beginning of the week after officials discovered that eight support columns were tilting. Patrick Semansky/AP hide caption

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Divers found a 2-inch-wide crack at the bottom of the fourth spillway pier from the left in this photo of the Wanapum Dam. Grant County Public Utility District hide caption

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Saudi women get into a taxi outside a shopping mall in Riyadh in 2012. Plans for a subway system in the Saudi capital are likely to provide the biggest benefits to women and the poor. Fayez Nureldine/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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An analyst works at a federal cybersecurity center in Idaho in 2011. Experts say Internet-connected infrastructure is a possible target of cyberwarfare. Mark J. Terrill/AP hide caption

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