David Fuller has been a dairy farmer since 1977. He gets about the same amount of money for milk these days he did when he started. Rebecca Sananes/Vermont Public Radio hide caption

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Rebecca Sananes/Vermont Public Radio

Near the Danish city of Ikast, some 1,500 spectators gathered on April 19 to celebrate what has become something of a national holiday at organic dairy farms around Denmark. Courtesy of Organic Denmark hide caption

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Courtesy of Organic Denmark

A cow walks away from an icy pond after firefighters rescued it and one other cow that had fallen through the ice. Darin Anstine/AP hide caption

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Darin Anstine/AP

To Save 2 Cows, All It Took Was A Good Icebreaker

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The Ingenues, an all-girl band and vaudeville act, serenade the cows in the University of Wisconsin, Madison's dairy barn in 1930. The show was apparently part of an experiment to see whether the soothing strains of music boosted the cows' milk production. Angus B. McVicar/Wisconsin Historical Society hide caption

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Angus B. McVicar/Wisconsin Historical Society