The Rising Costs of College, May 23, 2005 · A four-year degree at a private college can cost a student upwards of $120,000. Even for many in-state students at public universities, a bachelor's degree can come with a price tag of $40,000 and more. Are these costs just out of hand? What are colleges and universities doing to keep higher education accessible? Is it enough?

Katherine Haley Will

It's More
Than a Degree

Katherine Haley Will

"The real benefits of higher education are difficult to calculate: to learn how to learn and how to flourish as a free human being for a lifetime; to be a good citizen in a democracy."

Katherine Haley Will is the president of Gettysburg College

Kevin P. Reilly

More Grads
Help Everyone

Kevin P. Reilly

"A university education is a good investment for more than just the individuals who obtain it -- the higher the proportion of degree holders in a state's population, the higher the state's per capita income."

Kevin P. Reilly is the president of the University of Wisconsin System.

Richard Vedder

Profligacy Has
to Stop

Richard Vedder

"Did the University of Texas have a good year in 2004? Who knows? Are there powerful financial incentives to improve performance or adverse consequences for failure? The answer, of course, is no."

Richard Vedder, distinguished professor of economics at Ohio University, is author of Going Broke By Degree: Why College Costs Too Much.


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