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Hidden Lives Of Middle Children, A Playwright And An Amazon Tribe()  

Wendy and the Lost Boys

August 2, 2012 Scott Wallace glimpses a remote Amazon tribe while Catherine Salmon and Katrin Schumann reveal the strengths of middle children, and Julie Salamon reconsiders playwright Wendy Wasserstein.


History With Teeth: JFK, Columbus The Conqueror And ... Shark!()  

Demon Fish cover.

July 25, 2012 Stephen King returns to the scene of JFK's assassination, while Ali Smith presents an intricate tale of a dinner party gone wrong. In nonfiction, Charles C. Mann reassesses Columbus, Juliet Eilperin investigates sharks, and Paul Hendrickson revisits Hemingway.


Affairs Of The Heart: Studies In Love, Seduction And Girlhood()  

Blueprints for Building Better Girls

July 19, 2012 Wild author Cheryl Strayed, aka "Dear Sugar," shares her big-hearted relationship advice, while Elaine Sciolino investigates the French art of everyday seduction and Elissa Schappell delivers a story collection about the paradoxes of the feminine psyche.


Scorched Earth: Zombie Wastelands, Midwestern Gothics And Climate Change()  

The Devil All The Time

July 10, 2012 Novelist Colson Whitehead envisions zombies in Manhattan, while Donald Ray Pollock returns to gritty southern Ohio. In nonfiction, Ben Mezrich recounts the heist of moon rocks from NASA, and Mark Hertsgaard looks ahead to the next 50 years of climate change.


Uprisings: A Tiny Teen, Magicians In Love And A Disputed City()  

Big Girl Small by Rachel DeWoskin

July 5, 2012 In fiction, Erin Morgenstern conjures star-crossed magicians, Rachel DeWoskin revisits the horrors of high school, and Dean Bakopoulos' widower pursues new love. In nonfiction, James Carroll visits the real and imagined Jerusalem.


Breaking The Rules: In Faith, On The Street And Of A Man's World()  

Cover of Rules of Civility, by Amor Towles

June 27, 2012 Amor Towles debuts with a crisp, 1930s Manhattan love story, while George Pelecanos and Sapphire return with novels that probe the dark sides of urban life. In nonfiction, Penn Jillette argues for atheism, and journalist Jane Gross reflects on caring for an aging parent.


Tales Of Civil Unrest In America, Fillory And Boyhood()  

The Magician King

June 20, 2012 Michael Ondaatje returns with a seafaring coming-of-age story, while Lev Grossman delivers another literary fantasy and Ernest Cline makes his nerdy fiction debut. Journalist Ron Suskind casts Obama as a brilliant amateur and Amanda Foreman looks at Britain's role in the Civil War.


Growing Pains: Adulthood, Education And Nuclear Non-Proliferation()  

Girls in White Dresses book cover

June 14, 2012 NPR commentators favor Jennifer Close's look at women facing marriage and Amanda Hodgkinson's post-World War II family drama. There are also memoirs by actor Christopher Plummer and nuclear watchdog Mohamed ElBaradei, plus Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams re-evaluate universities for the digital age.


Mind And Body: Inside Memory, Grief, Boxing And The Brain()  

Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain

June 7, 2012 Julian Barnes returns with a Booker Prize-winning novel while Michael Parker wins big praise for his historical story set in North Carolina. In nonfiction, there are memoirs by writer Joan Didion and boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, plus David M. Eagleman looks into the secret life of the brain.


Fresh Perspectives On History, Sports, Wartime And Employment()  

In the Long Run book cover

May 30, 2012 A Greek poet contemplates the twisted strands of history, while Daniel Orozco's stories consider the dark side of our day jobs and Donald Rumsfeld reflects on the Iraq War. On the lighter side, CBS' Jim Axelrod revisits his marathon training, and a writer and an economist infuse soccer with numbers.


Innovation: 'Machu Picchu', Homesteading And 'Johnny Appleseed'()  

Machu Picchu promo

May 23, 2012 This week, there's fresh fiction from Pulitzer finalist Denis Johnson, novelist Tom Perrotta and newspaperman Pete Hamill; plus, travel editor Mark Adams explores Machu Picchu; Melissa Coleman reminisces about growing up off the grid; and Howard Means looks at the life of Johnny Appleseed.


A Way With Words, Money, Crime And Secrets()  

Cover detail from Silver Sparrow

May 17, 2012 Novelist Tayari Jones explores a father's deception of his family, while historian David McCullough looks at 19th-century Americans in Paris, Roy Blount Jr. revels in verbal curiosities, writer Bill James reflects on true-crime stories, and journalist Diana Henriques probes the Ponzi scheme of Bernie Madoff.


Plot Twists: Big League Dreams, Being A Mother And 'The Garden Of Beasts'()  

In the garden of beasts

May 9, 2012 It's a rich week for fiction, with new novels from Ann Patchett and Jennifer Weiner, and a debut by Chad Harbach that marries a literary sensibility with a love of baseball — plus Jorie Graham's new poetry collection. In nonfiction, Erik Larson is back with the story of an American ambassador in Germany in 1933.


Unforgettable Stories: Freemasons, Diane Keaton And Plane Crash Survival()  

Then Again promo

May 2, 2012 Next week, Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol finally arrives in paperback, along with Oscar-winning actress Diane Keaton's memoir, journalist Fareed Zakaria's update on the post-American world, journalist Annie Jacobsen's look inside a top secret U.S. military base, and journalist Mitchell Zuckoff's true tale of the survivors in a WWII plane crash.


Out Of The Box: Quirky Families, Changing Baseball And Urbanization()  

Family Fang detail

April 25, 2012 Kevin Wilson's "strange and wonderful" debut novel, The Family Fang, arrives, along with Adrian Burgos Jr.'s biography of a colorful Negro League owner, memoirs by hacker Kevin Mitnick and mother of nine Melissa Faye Greene, plus journalist Doug Saunders' look at world migration patterns.


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