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Code Crackers: Detectives, Futurists And The Machine That Won Jeopardy()  

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April 18, 2012 Norwegian crime writer Jo Nesbo is back, along with filmmaker Albert Brooks, whose first novel is about America in the year 2030. There's also Jo Ann Beard's debut novel about a 14-year-old in the 1970s; James Tate's selected poems; and technology writer Stephen Baker's look at the computer that competed against humans on Jeopardy!


Foreign Affairs: Love In Rome, Battle In Cuba And Mystery In Sweden()  

Love of My Youth cover detail

April 11, 2012 Novelist Mary Gordon looks at love and maturity, while Henning Mankell delivers his last Kurt Wallander mystery. In nonfiction, Jim Rasenberger revisits the Bay of Pigs, Gayle Tzemach Lemmon tells of Afghani women's ingenuity, Charles Ogletree probes the arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr., and Meagan O'Rourke meditates on her mother's death.


Reflections: An Unlikely Heroine, A Movie Star And A Country Darling()  

I'm Over All That cover detail

April 4, 2012 Novelist Julie Otsuka returns with a tale of Japanese "picture brides" in the U.S., while Kyung-sook Shin explores the life of a Korean mother. Plus singer Shania Twain's account of overcoming poverty and divorce to hold her own as a country music star, actress Shirley MacLaine's ruminations on politics and life, and writer Wendy McClure's immersion in the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder.


Revealing Reads: The 'Smiling Woman,' The Songwriter And The Sleuth()  

Chinaberry Sidewalks detail

March 28, 2012 Margaret Drabble's short stories reveal the contours of her life over the past 50 years, while Leslie Daniels explores a woman's life after divorce, and mystery writer Donna Leon looks into the death of a widow. Plus two new biographies explore the lives of Gypsy Rose Lee and Nashville songwriter Rodney Crowell.


Digging Deep: Covert Affairs, Obscure Verses, And Unresolved Emotions ()  

Company We Keep cover detail

March 21, 2012 Poet Billy Collins revels in his love of words, while debut novelist Cara Hoffman brings poetry to a murder mystery. In nonfiction, historian Adam Hochschild takes a fresh look at WWI, former CIA operative Robert Baer tells the story of his marriage to another spy, and Alexandra Styron comes to terms with her famous novelist father, William Styron.


Mind Bending: Understanding Information, Consciousness, And Memory()  

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March 14, 2012 Novelists Patricia Marx and Meg Wolitzer take a fresh look at romance, while Samuel Park explores how its fallout leads to an unlikely immigration trajectory for his Korean heroine. In nonfiction, James Gleick explores information theory, Antonio Damasio rethinks consciousness, and Joshua Foer investigates the nature of memory.


Feats Of Strength: Hawaiian History, The Wild West, And Being A Small Business()  

Cover detail: My Korean Deli

March 7, 2012 Novelist T.C. Boyle takes on a California environmental battle while Mary Doria Russell takes a fresh look at the Wild West of Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp. In nonfiction, Sarah Vowell tours Hawaii, Charles Fishman looks at the future of water, Allen Shawn reflects on being a twin, and Ben Ryder Howe on running a Brooklyn deli.


Facing The Facts: In The Courtroom, In Politics, In War And In Love ()  

Cover detail: The Wrong War

February 29, 2012 Former Los Angeles prosecutor Marcia Clark debuts as a mystery writer, and Julian Barnes returns with stories of love. Robert Putnam and David Campbell look at American religion, Ron Rosenbaum warns of the potential for nuclear war, and Bing West evaluates military failures in Afghanistan.


Big Questions: Life In 2100, Hawking On God, And Larsson's Last?()  

Physics of the Future

February 22, 2012 This week brings the final installment in Stieg Larsson's Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series, a send-up of Nabokov and Shakespeare by Arthur Phillips, and a spiritual fantasy by Kevin Brockmeier. In nonfiction, physicist Michio Kaku peers into the future, and Stephen Hawking regards the universe's grand design.


All In The Game: College Admissions, Youth Basketball And The Wild West()  

Sisters Brothers cover detail

February 15, 2012 On the lighter side this week, there's a comic Western about two gun-slinging brothers and a memoir by TV's 89-year-old naughty girl, Betty White. Plus a father's wry look at the college admissions game, and a sports writer's tale of the cutthroat world of youth basketball.


Love Comes Around: In Marriage, In Families, In Sickness, In Foster Care()  

Vaclav & Lena detail

February 7, 2012 This week brings four novels about love: childhood love in immigrant Brooklyn; married love in dot-com San Francisco; intergenerational love and tension in Philadelphia; and an academic father's sometimes obtuse love for his three daughters. In nonfiction, football star Michael Oher describes his experiences in foster care.


Matters Of The Heart: From Lovers To Cardiologists, From Old Pets To Dying Planets()  

The Lover's Dictionary

February 1, 2012 Novelist David Levithan takes a wry look at adultery, while food writer Jessica Harris takes an African journey, astronomer Mike Brown explains the demotion of planet Pluto, novelist Stephen Amidon probes the human heart with his cardiologist brother, Thomas, and veterinarian Nicholas Dodman offers help for aging dogs.


Examined Lives: A Chef, A Rapper, A Recluse, A Writer And More()  

J.D. Salinger: A Life cover detail

January 26, 2012 This week, an up-close look at the lives of Manhattan chef Gabrielle Hamilton, rapper Ice-T, novelist J.D. Salinger, best-selling author Stieg Larsson and his partner Eva Gabrielsson, and the great philosophers.


Reflections: On New York City, The Human Heart, Yoga Misgivings And Sports()  

Lady Matador book cover detail

January 18, 2012 Fiction master E.L. Doctorow returns with short stories, while novelist Cristina Garcia finds intrigue among "lady matadors," and Teju Cole looks afresh at post-Sept. 11 New York. In nonfiction, a mother learns self-acceptance through yoga and an economist explodes conventional wisdom about sports.


This Is War: On Vaccines, On Wall Street, In The Pacific And Beyond()  

Final Storm book cover detail

January 11, 2012 Novelist Jeff Shaara ends his World War II series, comedian Tina Fey gets bossy, playwright Michael Frayn remembers his working-class English father, former banker William Cohan scrutinizes Goldman Sachs, and journalist Seth Mnookin advocates for vaccines.


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