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Listen Billie Holiday: 'Lady Sings the Blues'

October 3, 2007 – Few voices in recorded music are as immediately distinctive and arresting as that of "Lady Day."


Listen Song of the Week: 'Don't Explain'

April 4, 2007 – Billie Holiday's "Don't Explain" is the first music pick from the News & Notes staff.


Read Listeners Pick Love Songs for Valentine's Day

February 6, 2007 – Listeners share their favorite Valentine's Day songs and the stories of how they came to love them.

Listen 'With Billie': A Jazz Great, As Others Saw Her

September 6, 2005 – The book is a series of interviews with those who knew Billie Holliday personally.


Listen Rare Billie Holiday Music and Footage

May 19, 2005 – A review of a new collection of recordings and rare TV appearances by Billie Holiday.


Listen Billy Crystal: My Uncle Milt

April 15, 2005 – The comedian celebrates his uncle Milt Graber's contributions as a producer of jazz, popular music.


Listen Billie Holiday: 'Lady in Satin'

August 1, 2001 – One year before her death, Billie Holiday recorded her last studio album including many classics.


Listen Billie Holiday: 'Love Songs'

August 1, 2001 – The jazz vocalist legend began her career in Harlem nightclubs, but hit her stride with Love Songs.


American blues singer Billie Holiday singing with an orchid in her hair.

Listen 'Fine And Mellow'

April 10, 2000 – Commentator Nat Hentoff looks back at Billie Holiday's 1957 performance of "Fine and Mellow."


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