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Read Exclusive First Listen: The Avett Brothers

September 21, 2009 – Hear I and Love and You in its entirety for the week leading up to its release on Sept. 29.

Listen The Avett Brothers: Stomping And Hollering

September 15, 2009 – The band's blisteringly kinetic "Slight Figure of Speech" sets off like firecrackers on a string.


Read The Avett Brothers: Newport Folk Festival 2009 WFUV

August 1, 2009 – The band stomped and hollered through a high-energy Newport set spanning its history. WFUV

The Avett Brothers performing a Tiny Desk Concert.

Watch The Avett Brothers: Tiny Desk Concert

June 22, 2009 – Hear the harmony-drenched roots-rock band perform a kinetic, frenetic set in the NPR Music offices.


Listen SXSW 2009: The Avett Brothers

March 18, 2009 – The uniquely modern, harmony-drenced Southern roots-rockers premiere new music live in concert.


Listen The Avett Brothers: Fate And Consequences

October 24, 2008 – In "Tear Down the House," Seth and Scott Avett again ruminate on the nature of memory.



Read Songs For Ill-Advised Office Romances

October 2, 2008 – Hear five songs to guide you through the pitfalls of your doomed relationship with a coworker.

Listen Eno And Byrne: Together Again After 27 Years

August 11, 2008 – Innovators Brian Eno and David Byrne make their first new record in 27 years.


Listen The Avett Brothers: Beyond Blood KEXP

May 20, 2008 – The close-knit roots-rock group plays new songs and talks to KEXP about growing up on punk rock. KEXP


Read Songs of the Year: 2007's Best Music

December 24, 2007 – Song of the Day editor Stephen Thompson picks his 10 favorite CDs of 2007.

Listen 'The Weight of Lies' and an Unforgettable Past

November 29, 2007 – The past looms large in The Avett Brothers' "The Weight of Lies" — it often needs to be exorcised.

Listen Turning the Past Into a Pile of Ash

September 27, 2007 – In "Yardsale," The Avett Brothers' members study the past before soaking it in gas and burning it.

Listen The Avett Brothers: 'Four Thieves Gone' WXPN

February 15, 2006 – The Avett Brothers' latest CD showcases their evolving approach to bluegrass and country. WXPN


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