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Crocodiles' new album, Crimes of Passion, comes out August 20.

Read First Listen: Crocodiles, 'Crimes Of Passion'

August 11, 2013 – The California noise-pop band continues its impressive streak of hazy, druggy, bittersweet songs.

Valerie June's new album, Pushin' Against a Stone, comes out Aug. 13.

Read First Listen: Valerie June, 'Pushin' Against A Stone'

August 4, 2013 – The Tennessee singer's keening soprano shows off its twang, yet sounds totally contemporary.

Typhoon's new album, White Lighter, comes out August 20.

Read First Listen: Typhoon, 'White Lighter'

August 4, 2013 – Underneath Typhoon's booming sound and dark lyrics lies a sincere appreciation for the gift of life.

Andrea Echeverri's new album, Ruiseñora, comes out August 20.

Read First Listen: Andrea Echeverri, 'Ruiseñora'

August 4, 2013 – From Aterciopelados through her solo career, Echeverri continues to innovate, dazzle and surprise.

Julianna Barwick's new album, Nepenthe, comes out August 20.

Read First Listen: Julianna Barwick, 'Nepenthe'

August 4, 2013 – Nepenthe alters the listener's surroundings in ways that make them comfortably, wondrously inviting.

Moderat's new album, II, comes out August 6.

Read First Listen: Moderat, 'II'

July 28, 2013 – A dance music duo and an electronic producer make dramatic sounds for mind and body.

Pond's new album, Hobo Rocket, comes out August 6.

Read First Listen: Pond, 'Hobo Rocket'

July 28, 2013 – The band, which shares three members with Tame Impala, unleashes unforgettably blistering pop jams.

Derrick Hodge's new album Live Today comes out Aug. 6.

Read First Listen: Derrick Hodge, 'Live Today' WBGO

July 28, 2013 – The Philadelphia-area native, bassist for Maxwell and Robert Glasper, has an eclectic debut LP. WBGO

Sam Phillips' new album, Push Any Button, comes out August 6.

Read First Listen: Sam Phillips, 'Push Any Button'

July 28, 2013 – Phillips' new album is warm and approachable without lapsing into sentimentality or excess.

Ebony Bones' new album, Behold, A Pale Horse, comes out August 5.

Read First Listen: Ebony Bones, 'Behold, A Pale Horse'

July 21, 2013 – The British songwriter and producer is an explosive performer who's unafraid to take creative risks.

Timo Andres' new album, Home Stretch, comes out July 30.

Read First Listen: Timo Andres And The Metropolis Ensemble, 'Home Stretch'

July 21, 2013 – The 27-year-old composer and pianist weaves together the DNA of Mozart, Charles Ives and Brian Eno.

Ka, in a still from his video for "Off the Record."

Read First Listen: Ka, 'The Night's Gambit'

July 15, 2013 – The album, made by a resolutely old school musician, is heavy like concrete shoes and incantatory.

Weekend's new album, Jinx, comes out July 23.

Read First Listen: Weekend, 'Jinx'

July 14, 2013 – Weekend synthesizes countless waves of '80s and '90s college radio into a single buzzy rumble.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros' new, self-titled album comes out July 23.

Read First Listen: 'Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros'

July 14, 2013 – The band still conveys joy amid massively unselfconscious celebrations of community and optimism.

Mayer Hawthorne's new album, Where Does This Door Go, comes out July 16.

Read First Listen: Mayer Hawthorne, 'Where Does This Door Go'

July 7, 2013 – Hawthorne has transformed himself from underground indie-soul curiosity to imminent star.

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