Pianist Louis Lortie makes Wagnerian opera come alive in NPR's Studio 1. Denise DeBelius/NPR hide caption

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Classical Sessions

Conjuring An Opera With Ten Fingers

American Public Media

Pianist Louis Lortie re-creates Wagner's orchestral palette in Liszt's version of the "Liebestod."

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"I've thought to myself often listening to some classical works: 'I think I want to make a couple million dollars and turn that into a pop song,'" Joshua Bell (right) says, laughing. "There's a lot of untapped potential there." Courtesy of the artists hide caption

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Song Travels

Joshua Bell And Jeremy Denk On 'Song Travels'

Connect the dots between classical music and standards with the dynamic violin-and-piano duo.

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Andras Schiff plays Bach for about an hour every morning. "There is something very pure about it," the pianist says. Nadia F. Romanini/ECM records hide caption

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Deceptive Cadence

Andras Schiff's 'Well-Tempered' Guide To Bach

American Public Media

The pianist's relationship with the Well-Tempered Clavier is like a successful lifelong marriage.

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