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Weekend Edition Sunday

'Dirt Is Good': Why Kids Need Exposure To Germs

Corrected on July 18, 2017

During this conversation, researcher Jack Gilbert mistakenly says a study of more than 300,000 children showed that children whose parents licked their pacifiers developed fewer allergies and other health problems. In fact, while the work was part of a study involving more than 300,000 children, only 184 of them were part of the research involving pacifiers.

Weekend Edition Sunday

While Corals Die Along The Great Barrier Reef, Humans Struggle To Adjust

Corrected on July 11, 2017

In the audio, as in a previous Web version, this story incorrectly states that the distance from the coast of Port Douglas, Australia, to the outer reef is nearly 100 miles. The correct distance is 30 miles.

Corrected on July 9:

In a previous version of this story, Terry Hughes of the James Cook University's Coral Reef Center was erroneously identified as Jon Brodie.

Weekend Edition Sunday

Alaska's 40 Years Of Oil Riches Almost Never Was

Corrected on June 24, 2017

A previous version of the digital story incorrectly noted the amount of oil spilled into Price William Sound in the 1989 wreck of the Exxon Valdez oil tanker. It was 11 million gallons spilled.

Weekend Edition Sunday

On Political Rhetoric And Political Violence

Corrected on June 20, 2017

During this conversation, it's said that an armed man who entered a Washington, D.C., restaurant was "targeting liberals." In fact, he went there to "self-investigate" baseless Internet rumors.

Weekend Edition Sunday

Sickened Russian Opposition Leader Blames Poison Ordered By Russian Special Services

Corrected on March 4, 2017

An earlier version of the headline for this story stated that Kara-Murza blamed the Kremlin for ordering his poisoning. In fact, as he is quoted as saying in the story, he believes he was poisoned by people who have been or are connected with the Russian special services.