Voices in the News

A sound montage of some of the voices in this past week's news, including: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV); President George W. Bush; Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY); Reporter Carrie Kahn; Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice; the Queen of England; Calvin Borel, jockey of winning Kentucky Derby horse Street Sense; and the Kansas state spokeswoman Sharon Watson.


From NPR News, this is WEEKEND EDITION. I'm Liane Hansen.

And these were some of the voices in the news this past week.

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Representative NANCY PELOSI (Democrat, California; Speaker of the House): I'm pleased to join in signing this Iraq legislation, which is so important to our national security. With its strong commitment to support our troops and to fulfill our promises to our veterans, this legislation - it honors the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform.

Senator HARRY REID (Democrat, Nevada; Senate Majority Leader): As we know, the president has put our troops in the middle of the civil war. Well, reality on the ground proves what we all know change of course is needed. A change of course is needed.

President GEORGE W. BUSH: Members of the House and the Senate passed a bill that substitutes the opinions of politicians for the judgment of our military commanders. So a few minutes ago, I vetoed the bill.

Senator HILLARY CLINTON (Democrat, New York): Madame president, I rise to join my colleague and friend, Senator Byrd, to announce our intention to introduce legislation, which proposes that October 11, 2007 - the five-year anniversary of the original resolution authorizing the use of force in Iraq - as the expiration date for that resolution.

Secretary CONDOLEEZZA RICE (U.S. Department of State): Our officials did - as they did in Baghdad - have an opportunity to exchange views about the substance of this meeting, which is how to help Iraq be more secure, and the responsibilities of neighbors and those who are active in Iraq to help the Iraqis secure themselves.

CARRIE KAHN: I don't know if you can hear them. The police behind me that they're telling move, move, get out. They're trying to disperse this large crowd on the edges of MacArthur Park. You can hear the teargas canisters going off, and the helicopters are buzzing up ahead of me.

Queen ELIZABETH II (England): This 400th anniversary marks a moment to recognize the deep friendship, which exists between our two countries. Friendship is a complex of concept. It means being able to debate openly, disagree on occasion, surmount to both good times and bad.

Mr. CALVIN BOREL (Horse Jockey): He is the best (unintelligible) I've ever been on in my life. He's the kind of horse, you know, I mean - he would do anything for you. He's very push-button. So, I mean, he's unbelievable.

Ms. SHARON WATSON (Kansas State Spokeswoman): The tornado has left the majority of the buildings in the town damaged in some way, most of them leveled. Many others damaged significantly, only a few standing.

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