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Peder Bares His Moaning, Cinematic Soul

Would You

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Tuesday's Pick

  • Song: "Would You"
  • Artist: Peder featuring Nino Moschella
  • CD: And He Just Pointed to the Sky
  • Genre: Soul

Soul singer Nino Moschella moans with the best of them on Peder's "Would You." hide caption

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The cover of Peder's And He Just Pointed to the Sky. hide caption

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Much of Peder's And He Just Pointed to the Sky sounds like the eccentric score for an independent movie: On "Would You," the flat, plucked-out notes and ghostly piano sound like they await a Tom Waits vocal. Instead, Nino Moschella surfaces, his vocals bringing the longing in Peder's music out of the abstract. Moschella, a Prince-emulating soul singer whose multi-layered vocals also recall Jamie Lidell and D'Angelo, can moan with the best of them. "If I called in need / would you answer me?" he asks after numerous drowsy falsetto repetitions of "Would you, baby?"

Moschella's voice only appears on about two minutes of a track three times that long, leaving room to contemplate the atmosphere, of which Peder provides plenty. Peder, a Dutch musician whose other pursuits include hip-hop production, photography and acting, makes a debut of sorts on And He Just Pointed to the Sky. Many of the disc's tracks are instrumental: They're ghosts waiting to inhabit the plotlines of a movie by David Lynch or Alan Ball. It's a lullaby of an album — with "Would You" as a highlight — that helps affirm just how bizarre and beautiful life is.

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