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Cleo's Song

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JBM: 'Cleo's Song'

JBM: 'Cleo's Song'

Cleo's Song

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Jesse B. Marchant

Stefan Marchant

Though Montreal singer-songwriter Jesse B. Marchant reports that he spent little time in church growing up, he both lived and recorded his debut album, Not Even In July in Henry Hirsch's church studio in Hudson, NY, often stepping outside only in the mornings to get breakfast. After living in Los Angeles for much of the song-writing process, taking up residency in a church built in the late 19th century was a nice change of scenery for Marchant, who came to find the social climate in L.A. not to his liking. Not only was the church an amazing setting for its acoustics, Marchant grew to appreciate its peaceful and historical aura.

Marchants sings of his lost love with L.A., and what he calls the city's social climbers, on "Ambitions & War," when he speaks of "clowns who dressed up as snakes to fight for their stake in the town." Indeed, much of Not Even In July has a somber undercurrent. "July on the Sound" recounts a dying friend's last days, and "In a Different Time," the track for which the album takes its name, refers to "sunsets and breezes" that have lost their ability to invoke pleasure. That said, Marchant doesn't consider himself to be overly pessimistic. Hope still finds its way into his beautiful, heartfelt songs.

Though Marchant only recently released his debut album, he also lent his talent to Lovers in a Dangerous Time after the producers from the upcoming film saw him perform in L.A. As a testament to Marchant's talent, the producers thought that his contribution fit so well with the movie that they decided to scrap the previous soundtrack and drafted Marchant to score the entire film.

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