Math And The Media

GUESTS: Bob Osserman Author, Poetry of the Universe: A Mathematical Exploration of the Cosmos (Anchor/Doubleday) Professor Emeritus, Mathematics Stanford University Special Projects Director Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Berkeley, California Persi Diaconis Professor, Statistics and Mathematics Stanford University Stanford, California Jim Holt Columnist Lingua Franca Columnist Wall Street Journal New York, New York Larry Gonick Author, The Cartoon Guide to Statistics and The Cartoon History of the Universe (HarperCollins) Staff Cartoonist Muse San Francisco, California When you pick up a newspaper or magazine to read about the latest discoveries, how often is the finding a mathematical one? In this hour, we'll talk about what's new in math, and about math and the media—whether math is harder to communicate to a general audience, and how mathematicians and journalists can make it more accessible.



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