Nature / Nurture

GUESTS: Dean Hamer Author, Living With Our Genes: Why They Matter More Than You Think [Doubleday, 1998] Molecular biologist Chief of Gene Structure and Regulation, National Cancer Institute's Laboratory of Biochemistry, National Institute of Health William Wright Author, Born That Way: Genes/Behavior/Personality [Knopf, 1998] "Who are we and how did we get this way?" It's an age-old, controversial question scientists have argued for years. Is it our genes or our environment that determines our personality and behavior? New research favors the hereditary view, that genes control core aspects of our personality, including intelligence, depression, even addiction. Join guest host Neal Conan to reexamine the nature/nurture debate and look at the latest influences, both genetic and environmental, that affect behavior ...on the next Talk of the Nation, from NPR News.



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