The 25th Anniversary of Watergate


John Dean
Former Counsel to President Nixon
Author, Blind Ambition: The White House Years (Simon and Schuster, 1976)

Daniel Schorr
NPR Senior News Analyst
Narrator, NPR's 25th Anniversary Watergate Special

Jules Whitcover
Syndicated columnist, The Baltimore Sun
Covered Senate Watergate hearings, The Washington Post
Author, Marathon:Pursuit of the Presidency 1972-1976

Richard Ben-Veniste
Chief of Watergate Task Force, Watergate Special Prosecutor's Office Chief of Minority Counsel, Senate Whitewater Committee

Wednesday marks the 25th anniversary of the Watergate burglary, when men ordered by the Nixon administration broke into the Democratic party headquarters in Washington. The subsequent cover-up that followed led to Richard Nixon's resignation. To commemorate the anniversary, Melinda Penkava and guests discuss Watergate's historical significance, legacy, and lessons learned.



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