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Singer-songwriter India.Arie just launched her own record label, called SoulBird Music. On it, she's released a new album called Testimony Vol. 2: Love and Politics.

It's a follow-up to her earlier recording, Vol. 1: Life and Relationship. As she's written in a letter to her fans, the mission of this second volume is "to spread love, healing and peace through the power of words and music."

"That's actually the mission statement for everything I do," she says. "The only contribution I have in that is when I'm writing those songs, I'm very conscious of what I say, and how I say what I say. I feel that I hear, from whoever the higher power is, songs, subject matter that is about the human condition more than it's just about what's happening in my life.

"And I say that's my only contribution," she says," because my other mission statement is that God will take each song and give it to whoever wants it, and that they'll get whatever they need from it."

India.Arie recently played some of her new songs in NPR's Studio 4A, accompanied by reggae artist Gramps Morgan and singer/guitarist Blue Miller. In between performances, she spoke with host Liane Hansen.

"This is not in the liner notes, but if there was going to be a mission statement for this actual album, it would be: 'This album is about and in honor of the oneness of all things,'" she says. "All the songs are about that, even when they don't sound like they're about that."

Click the play button in the image above to watch India.Arie perform in NPR's Studio 4A. And click the link at the top of the page to hear the full studio session with India.Arie, starting around noon ET on Sunday, March 8.



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