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A Joyous 'Trip' from Start to Finish

Worst Trip

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Dr. Dog combines classic rock with the sounds of ageless indie-pop. Ryan Collerd hide caption

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Ryan Collerd

Monday's Pick

  • Song: "Worst Trip"
  • Artist: Dr. Dog
  • CD: We All Belong
  • Genre: Pop-Rock

We All Belong, the new album from the Philadelphia band Dr. Dog, combines classic rock with the sounds of ageless indie-pop. The result is a universal, accessible sound that seems modern while still summoning memories of Todd Rundgren, The Band and The Kinks. Mostly, though, Dr. Dog's captivating pop hooks, three-part harmonies and lush instrumentation lead back to the Beatles, and John Lennon in particular.

That said, it's an unlikely infusion of soul that makes "Worst Trip" so appealing. With a guitar riff that recalls the chunky opening to 100 Proof Aged in Soul's '70s R&B classic "Somebody's Been Sleeping In My Bed," the song packs a lot of action into its three minutes. Stax-style horn breaks pepper the chorus, and toward the song's end, smartly arranged twin guitar solos mix with a cacophonous swirl of brass. Propelled by a catchy, breezily swinging chorus, "Worst Trip" is everything its title doesn't imply: a joyous journey from start to finish.

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