Goodbyes From Listeners: Amy Ignatow

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A Bonus Listener Goodbye

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Amy Ignatow has had her share of economic woes this year, but she's coming out on top. This week, she gets to say goodbye to her crummy old apartment and hello to a new life.


So Madeleine, that is what is perhaps off a little bit in the distant future. But let's talk about the immediate future. You've got some exciting new plans. Where will we find you?


Where will you find me? You're going to find me dealing with this new technology, the technology that is actually here now. I have started a podcast. It's called "Parenting on the Edge." It's about parenting. And a blog, of course. And it's at So you can find me there and at Facebook.

COHEN: And if you're looking for me out there, don't confuse me with the Israeli DJ or the Internet marketer., both of whom are also named Alex Cohen. You can find me at

BRAND: And one of our listeners is also excited about her future. Amy Ignatow wrote in to the show in response to our request for essays about memorable goodbyes. We've chosen a few of those to air throughout the program today. Here's Amy with her goodbye, which is happening right now.

Ms. AMY IGNATOW (Listener): Back in August, I lost my job teaching art, and I became a full-time, freelance illustrator. And the work dried up very quickly because none of the nonprofits that usually hire me could afford to put out publications. And so I downsized and (unintelligible) said, just work on your book and when you sell it for a million-gazillion dollars, I will be a wonderful house husband. Well, it didn't go for a million-gazillion dollars but in November, I did sell it as part of a two-book deal. And in a few weeks, we're going to be moving out of our apartment. My fiance cannot be a house husband just yet, but we do have a house, so it's a start. So goodbye, crumbly apartment and goodbye, crazy neighbor who screams at people who park too near to her spot. Goodbye, terrible, weird noise that comes from the back of the nearby restaurant, and goodbye to horrible feelings that getting an art degree was a stupid, selfish thing to do. And hello to my new life as a published author.

COHEN: Amy Ignatow and her fiance closed on their house and mailed their wedding invitations yesterday.

(Soundbite of song "Non, je ne regrette rien")

Ms. EDITH PIAF: (Singing) Non, rien de rien, Non, je ne regrette rien...

COHEN: Though our show goes away today, we will always survive online. Go to Stay with us. Day to Day continues.

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