Project Jenny, Project Jan: "Pins and Needles"

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Considering there is only one female member between the bands Women and True Womanhood combined, it's only fitting that Brooklyn duo Project Jenny, Project Jan is neither an all girl punk band nor a cute Brady Bunch-esque pop duo. Instead, Jeremy Haines and Sammy Rubin are the two talents behind the misleading moniker. "Project Jeremy, Project Sammy doesn't have quite the same ring," says vocalist Jeremy Haines. A more obvious band name also doesn't leave much room for discussion and theorizing. "If it was Project Jeremy, Project Sammy, no one would ever ask us what the name means," Haines retorts, effectively avoiding a more concrete explanation for the specific female names the duo chose.

Borrowing from a diverse pool of artists including Fujiya & Miyagi and Clack Singles Club, The Colors EP is truly an eclectic mix of songs. At one minute, it resembles electro punk pop, and the next, it's trip hop propelled by glitchy sound effects and Haines rapping over the cacophony. With a solo LP already under their belt, Haines and Rubin know how to write and perform delectably danceable tunes. Add a few special guests to the mix, and The Colors EP is like a bumping variety show held together by a common thread of sick beats and eclectic electronic samples.

Project Jenny, Project Jan is currently working on its next LP, expected to be out by the end of the year, so "start EQing your stereos now," says Haines. "It's going to be wild."

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