NPR logo Chat: Financing Your Degree In A Rough Economy

Chat: Financing Your Degree In A Rough Economy

The excitement that surrounds the college acceptance letters coming into households around the country may be tempered with a little more trepidation this year: With the economy flunking out, parents and students are recalculating just how much they can spend.

At the same time, the government's efforts to boost the economy could benefit some students — for example, the stimulus package includes an increase for federal Pell Grants.

Joining us to answer your questions about how to navigate the latest turbulence in college finances were:

Tally Hart, the former head of financial aid at Ohio State University, where she now runs an outreach program for lower income students.

Bill Hiss, vice president for external affairs at Bates College, who supervised the admissions and financial aid offices there for 22 years.

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