Hey, Want to Go to the... You Know

For high school students, spring prom season is in full swing. And for some students — like Phil Baggett of Curie High School in Chicago — it's not an easy time. It can be tough to figure out who to ask. And as for actually asking a girl to the dance, well, that's another matter.

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For high school students, this is spring prom season. And for Phil Baggett of Curie High School in Chicago, it's not an easy time.

PHIL BAGGETT: I've got this slight problem. Well, it's kind of big in my book. I can't find a prom date.


BAGGETT: I know some of you guys are saying, not Phil he could easily get a prom date and that shouldn't be a problem. What? You don't believe me? Here, listen to this.


BAGGETT: Kirsten, would you do me the honor of going to the prom with me? How was that? That's - what do you think about that?

KIRSTEN: It sounds like you're asking me to a ball, but...

BAGGETT: I say - see. Let's say you would - you sound like you wouldn't have said yes.

KIRSTEN: I don't know if you should ask someone lightly nowadays.

BAGGETT: Oh, that's kind of like 1943?


BAGGETT: So what will be your strategy to asking someone to prom? How would you go about that?

KIRSTEN: Like, give him a reason why I really want to go with that specific person. Because I mean, like, if you're just going around and asking anybody they're going to go like, oh, why me?

NORRIS: I mean, what are you going to do? Get on your knees? You're not proposing, just ask them.

NORRIS: I think I would send like - like I would probably get, like, a little card and I would decorate it - I will make my own card and then I will put, like, a little yes or no box and then, like, have one of my friends give it to them. And then I'll be right there watching and then when they look at me I would wink and like, yeah and I, like, mark X, mark X and then they will have, like, a little colored pen.


BAGGETT: Boy, oh boy, oh boy. I'm more lost than I thought I was. You know what? It seems as if - I'm just not going to have a prom date. I can go to the prom by myself. Walk down that long, beautifully decorated hallway and see all the other people with their prom dates. And I'll just be there by myself with my tux.


BAGGETT: Heather.


BAGGETT: Would you do me the honor of going to prom with me?



NORRIS: Phil Baggett of Curie High School in Chicago produced that piece for Curie Youth Radio.

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