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Creating A Passengers' Bill Of Rights

A study released this month found nearly one-quarter of all flights were late in 2008. WaveBreaker/ via flickr hide caption

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First we asked you for suggestions on what should be on a Passenger's Bill of Rights. We got hundreds of suggestions in the comments section and on Twitter. Then we took the best ones and put them up for a vote. Almost 4,000 votes later, the top ten are filled with demands for courtesy and, surprisingly perhaps, information. Below are the results.

  1. 81% Plane should return to gate if it doesn't take off within two hours.
  2. 75% Right to updated information on delays.
  3. 69% The right to be treated fairly with respect and courtesy.
  4. 67% Right to unlimited free water.
  5. 60% Bumped passengers should get a cash refund on the spot plus rebooking on the next flight.
  6. 59% Right to select any alternative flight in case of delays or cancellations.
  7. 57% Right to updates from the pilot every 30 minutes while waiting.
  8. 56% The right to peacefully question TSA officials' actions and motives.
  9. 53% The right to one change to a ticket without charges.
  10. 51% No extra charges for baggage.

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