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Pope's Easter Message: Reconciliation

Pope Benedict XVI addressed tens of thousands of Catholic faithful gathered in St. Peter's Square as he gave his traditional Easter message to the city and to the world.

The pope urged all mankind to rediscover grounds for hope. He told the faithful that Christ's resurrection was a "cry of victory that unites us all today."

In his Easter message, Benedict urged the faithful to use what he called "Christ's weapons" — the weapons of justice, truth, mercy, forgiveness and love.

Benedict said he would emphatically repeat this same message during his upcoming visit to the Holy Land.

Reconciliation — difficult, but indispensable — the pope said, is a precondition for a future of overall security and peaceful coexistence, and it can only be achieved through renewed, persevering and sincere efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Turning to other world afflictions — food shortages, financial turmoil, old and new forms of poverty, disturbing climate change and the ever-present threat of terrorism, Benedict said it is urgent to rediscover grounds for hope.