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Heartfelt Emotion in an Orchestral Arrangement

My Life in Rooms

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Tuesday's Pick

  • Song: "My Life in Rooms"
  • Artist: Barzin
  • CD: My Life in Rooms
  • Genre: Pop

Barzin Hosseini mixes alt-country with sweetly slow-paced soundscapes. Ryan Rock hide caption

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Ryan Rock

The songs of Canadian songwriter Barzin Hosseini present an ideal marriage of alt-country and slow-paced soundscapes. His beautifully hypnotic music exudes heartfelt emotion, with lush instrumentation to match: Floating weightlessly, it recalls the work of Tindersticks or Red House Painters. And when it's over, it continues to linger in the air like a sepia-toned daydream.

Hosseini instills the rich landscape of "My Life in Rooms" with a serene sense of warmth. It functions as a wonderful mix of the mechanical and the organic, as a steady drum machine and languid pedal steel ring out side by side. An indifferent vibraphone chills the air, while melancholic strings weep quietly. Whispering amid such a stately orchestral arrangement, Hosseini sings, "You go to your books / I go to my rooms / Everything is so soft / when we are hiding out in these rooms." Barzin's chamber-pop sounds gentle without seeming precious, driven by introspection and good-natured intimacy.

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