Bachelorette: Sounds Of Someplace Sandy

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  • Song: "Mindwarp"
  • Artist: Bachelorette
  • CD: My Electric Family
  • Genre: Pop
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Bachelorette's bouncy, infectious "Mindwarp" is so evocative of summer, it practically smells like suntan lotion. Louise Clifton hide caption

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Some songs are so evocative of summer, they practically smell like suntan lotion. The bouncy, infectious psych-disco tune "Mindwarp" — by New Zealand native Annabel Alpers, a.k.a. Bachelorette — is one of those songs. With its "Axel F"-inspired synthesizer riffs, it's the perfect soundtrack for riding in a convertible on your way to someplace sandy.

Which, of course, makes it all the more surprising to learn that the song was inspired by Jungian psychological theory. Alpers, who tinkers with all things electronic and layers multiple vocals to create haunting harmonies with herself, says she was fascinated by the notion of delving into the depths of one's psyche and hoping to come out unscathed.

The title of her new album, My Electric Family, refers to Bachelorette's relationship with technology and what it means to communicate through machines. Surprisingly, even with a heavy reliance on bits and bytes, Alpers manages to come through with songs like "Mindwarp" — organic, spontaneous and wonderfully natural.

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