NPR logo Nominations: Best Beach Books Of All Time

Nominations: Best Beach Books Of All Time

Nominations close tonight, June 30th

Best Beach Books

NPR is drawing up a list of the best beach books ever — and we need you to help by nominating your favorites.

What do we mean by "beach books"? When you read one, your surroundings recede, time bends and you're transported, mesmerized, enthralled. These are page turners to be sure, but that doesn't mean they're brainless. This year's list will be fiction only; any genre, any period.

To send us your summer suggestions, log in and use the comments field below. Limit yourself to three titles per post. If you like, give a sentence or two telling us about the experience of reading your best beach books.

Later, we'll post the most popular and interesting nominees and let the NPR audience vote on the ultimate list — because, like novels passing hand-to-hand in a summer house, great summer books should be shared with friends.