Teen Years

GUESTS: Thomas Hine *Social commentator who writes for the Philadelphia Inquirer *Author, The Rise & Fall of the American Teenager (Avon Books, 1999) Kay S. Hymowitz *Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute *Author, Ready or Not: How Treating Children as Small Adults Endangers Their Future and Ours (Free Press, 1999) We haven't always had teenagers— at least, not the way we think of today. There was a time when people were either children or adults, with no category for 'in-between.' Some have argued that given an information-driven culture and economy, young people need a longer period for development and 'molding;' others see this as an excuse to prolong childhood. Is the American notion of the teen years a necessary period of development, or just a great marketing and fashion concept? Join Melinda Penkava and guests to examine the idea of the American teenager.



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