Elian Gonzalez: What's Next?

GUESTS: TBA Elian Gonzalez has been reunited with his father after Federal agents led a raid on Saturday to take him from the Miami relatives who had cared for the six year old since he was rescued from the Florida coast last Thanksgiving Day. But this weekend's events do not mean the end of the contentious custody dispute. Court appeals will keep Elian and his father in the United States for at least the next several weeks, and possibly much longer. And on the Hill, Congressional Republicans are calling for hearings to examine whether the tactics employed in seizing Elian were appropriate or excessive. Amid the various debates, some analysts are saying that the administration's actions may result in a loss of clout for the Cuban-American lobby and possibly a thaw in U.S. - Cuba relations. Join Juan Williams and guests to discuss where the Elian Gonzalez case will go from here, on the next Talk of the Nation, from NPR News.



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