A Year's Montage of SoundClips

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On the first anniversary of our series, SoundClips, we present — for those who may have missed any of them or all of them — a compilation of all of the sounds from the series in alphabetical order.


And as our most loyal listeners may know, on June 5th of last year, we started airing a series called SoundClips. These are short features in which a listener presents a sound and a story about that sound.


And we can't think of no more fitting way to mark the first anniversary of SoundClips than by stripping out all the stories and combining just sounds of the last year in alphabetical order, which is exactly what we've done.

SIEGEL: We'll start with arctic ice, airbrakes and albatross and an autoclave. Banging in Baghdad, baking bread, bailiff, a bathtub, a big metal pipe, bowling and a Buddhist chant. And cable experiment, communion cups, cow hides(ph), Caroline bells, carving, chalkboard, crayon and creaky door, child on stairs.

Then, you'll hear sounds of dentistry, disposal of cans, dogs speaking, dogs howling and a dryer. Right after that, earth sounds, elevator test, doomsday-sounding machine, a garage door, hand sop(ph), helper monkey. Then, mouth sounds from a small boy, multiple music rooms, a Nubian goat, elk bugling, escalators, fire juggling, garden wisp(ph), heater miss engine and a hunt for an Irish bat.

The panther, pile driver, power lines, press, oboe reed, the octacon, orangutan, railing, railroad tires, rocket engine, rocks on a frozen lake. And as we come to the end, sea caves, schools' buzzers, soap on skin, soccer, ticket machine, tea kettle, tennis ball, Belladrome(ph), windy house, Wyoming wind, wine testing, wood laid and finally, zoo - well actually, it's just the orangutan again, but we had nothing else.

So sit back and relax, or lean forward and tense up - the choice is yours. Here come all the SoundClips you ever wanted.

(Soundbite of a year's montage of SoundClips)

SIEGEL: A year of sound from SoundClips in alphabetical order. You can hear the full versions of those SoundClips, including the stories behind the sounds at npr.org.

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