Online Bettors Target Tony Soprano

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Several betting Web sites are taking wagers on whether Tony Soprano will be killed in the final episode of the television series The Sopranos, which airs Sunday on HBO. John Ydstie comments.


This is WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News. I'm John Ydstie.

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YDSTIE: The question, of course, on everyone's mind this weekend: Will Tony get whacked? And, of course, you can bet on it. Several online gambling sites are taking bets on whether in the show's finale Tony Soprano will survive his gangland war with Phil Leotardo's New York family. There's also action on the fate of consigliere Silvio Dante, who was critically wounded last week; and on Paulie Walnuts, he of the silver-winged main. At sites like and, which has $50 limits on "Soprano" bets, you can wager on who will survive longer, if at all - Tony or Phil?

According to The Washington Post, Bettors odds makers favored Tony but, says Bettors, if both are killed, the winner will be determined by who ever is killed first in the show, regardless of flash backs or nonlinear storytelling. Kaching(ph), kaching. Badabing(ph).

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