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The Veils' music blends Radiohead-style emoting with a subtler, strummier feel. hide caption

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Thursday's Pick

  • Song: "Not Yet"
  • Artist: The Veils
  • CD: Nux Vomica
  • Genre: Rock

In its five-year history, the London-based band The Veils has already experienced a complete lineup change around leader Finn Andrews (son of XTC's Barry Andrews), whose music blends Radiohead-style emoting with a subtler, strummier singer-songwriter feel. On "Not Yet," the band works off a familiar but effective template, taking a deliberate, brooding route to the over-the-top emotion of a blaring chorus.

That unhinged passion may define "Not Yet" at first listen, but subsequent attention reveals a surprising assortment of themes and ideas, as Andrews introduces references to war, motherhood, disease, death and even a veiled mention of homosexuality. For all The Veils' energy and intensity, it's that element of surprise that makes its music not only stand out, but also endure.

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