The Costs Of Health Care, Political And Financial

Maggie Mahar

Journalist Maggie Mahar blogs and writes about health care. Courtesy of HarperBusiness hide caption

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Century Foundation fellow Maggie Mahar is the author of Money-Driven Medicine: The Real Reason Healthcare Costs So Much, published in 2006.

A former financial journalist for Institutional Investor, The New York Times, Barron's and Bloomberg, Mahar writes the Healthbeat blog, a Century Foundation project. She has also contributed to Dartmouth Medicine, covering Medicare spending and the possibility of reform.

Money-Driven Medicine argues that, over the past century, the history of U.S. health care has been shaped by corporate interests' gradual encroachment on physician autonomy. According to Mahar, this has produced a system of costly and inefficient competition among providers, leaving Americans worse off than citizens of other industrialized nations.



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