Writer and editor DAVE EGGERS

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Writer and editor DAVE EGGERS. He's the founder of the now-defunct cynical, satirical literary magazine, "Might" and the current editor of the literary journal "McSweeney's." He's written a memoir ("based on a true story") about being left to raise his 8 year old brother, after both his parents died. EGGERS was 21 at the time. It's called, "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" (Simon & Schuster).Jazz critic KEVIN WHITEHEAD reviews "The Complete Django Reinhardt and Quintet of the Hot Club of France Swing/HMV Sessions 1936-1948 (Mosaic Records of Stamford Connecticut, mail-order)12:58:30 NEXT SHOW PROMO (:29) PROMO COPY On the next Fresh Air — the Innocence Project. .. a talk with attorneys BARRY SCHECK and PETER NEUFELD, who work to free the wrongly accused from prison using DNA testing. SCHECK is best known for his DNA analysis on the OJ Simpson defense team. SCHECK and NEUFELD have a new book about some of the innocent people they've helped release from jail. Also writer DAVE EGGERS on his new memoir about raising his 8 year old brother, after his parents died. That and more on the next Fresh Air.



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