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Robert Ray Independent Counsel David Maraniss Associate Editor, The Washington Post Author of several books on Bill Clinton including The Clinton Enigma: A Four-And-A-Half Minute Speech Reveals This President's Entire Life (Simon & Schuster, 1998) and First in His Class: The Biography of Bill Clinton (Touchstone, 1996) Terry Mcauliffe Campaigning to become Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Chairman of the 2000 Democratic National Convention Fundraising impresario for President Bill Clinton and Vice-President Al Gore Dick Morris Fox News Analyst Author of several books including "Behind the Oval Office: Getting Reelected Against All Odds (Renaissance, 1998) Former Clinton Advisor After eight years in the White House Bill Clinton has moved out and begun the transition from president to private citizen. At 54, he's the youngest president to leave office since Teddy Roosevelt and despite his legal and personal troubles Clinton departs with a 65 percent approval rating. But what exactly does an ex-president do? What will the future hold for Bill Clinton? Join Juan Williams and guests for a look at Bill Clinton, the ex-president.