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Future of the Democratic Party

Future of the Democratic Party
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Guests: Donna Brazile Campaign Manager for Vice President Al Gore (2000 Presidential Campaign) Former Fellow, Institute of Politics at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard Bruce Reed President, Democratic Leadership Council Former Domestic Policy Adviser to President Clinton George Packer Journalist and essayist Wrote a New York Times op-ed piece called The Silent Majority Party (April 6, 2001) Harry Reid Democratic Senator from Nevada Mario Cuomo Former Governor of New York Adviser to Al Gore during the 2000 presidential campaign Over the course of eight years, Democrats have lost both Houses of Congress and now the presidency. Out of power and demoralized by winning the popular vote in last year's presidential election, but still losing the White House, the Democratic party finds itself confused and disorganized. Who speaks for the Democratic Party today? What messages are they sending? Join guest host Mara Liasson for a look at the future of the Democratic party.



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