Letters: Lightbulbs, Forest Lawn

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Melissa Block reads listeners' comments about stories on compact flourescent lightbulbs and on Forest Lawn Cemetery, where Michael Jackson will be buried. Melissa Block reads from listeners' e-mails.


It's time now for your emails and we received many about our story yesterday about light bulbs. My co-host Robert Siegel talked with Celia Kuperszmid-Lehrman of Consumer Reports about their new study looking at the performance of compact fluorescents. Consumer Reports found that that life span of CFLs is getting better.

Ms. CELIA KUPERSZMID-LEHRMAN (Deputy Home Editor, Consumer Reports): All of the bulbs that we had in our ratings were still burning brightly after 3,000 hours.

BLOCK: Marilyn Wedeman(ph) of Glen Ellyn, Illinois is one of many listeners frustrated with compact fluorescents. She writes: Did you know that if you turn those CFL bulbs off and on as you do your incandescent lights and as you were taught by your dad to do, they will wear out just as fast as the incandescent bulbs. And therefore, cost you a lot more money.

Well, we checked back with Consumer Reports on this and Celia Kuperszmid-Lehrman says they've been testing for what she calls on-off cycling. They found that while some bulbs didn't perform as well when turned on and off frequently, others did quite well, exceeding 3,000 hours.

We also had a lot of you write after hearing our story about Forest Lawn Cemetery, where Michael Jackson will be buried. As NPR's Karen Grigsby Bates noted, the cemetery's lavish surroundings have inspired satire, including this song, which she attributed to singer John Denver.

(Soundbite of song, "Forest Lawn")

Mr. JOHN DENVER (Singer): (Singing) Oh, lay me down in Forest Lawn in a silver casket.

BLOCK: Jonathan Hoffman(ph) of Portland, Oregon was among of many of you who pointed out that while John Denver is singing there, the song was written by Tom Paxton. Mr. Hoffman writes: I'll forgive the oversight if you just play us another verse. Please keep those comments coming. Go to npr.org and click on Contact Us at the bottom of the page. And Mr. Hoffman, here you go.

(Soundbite of song, "Forest Lawn")

Mr. DENVER: (Singing) ...military band there. Just put me in their care, I'll find my comfort there. With sixteen planes in a last salute, they'll drop a cross in a parachute. I wanna go simply when I go...

BLOCK: This is NPR, National Public Radio.

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