From Dull To Droll: A Comic Makeover

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My mission was to find the most serious person I could and give that person a comedy makeover.

What better place to find serious people than the U.S. military? I went to the U.S. naval base in Port Hueneme, Calif., and asking around I quickly discovered that Capt. John Heinzel was my man.

Heinzel himself realized he was indeed seriously comedically challenged.

"I'd been told in the past by a friend of my wife's that I'm not funny so I don't ever try," he said.

Heinzel trains new naval officers and cadets on the history of the Civil Engineer Corps, but the trouble is he tends to put them to sleep.

Clearly, a comedy intervention was required — and quickly.

Judy Carter is the author of The Comedy Bible. This piece was co-produced by Jamie Flam.



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