Artificial Heart Engineering / Insect Robotics


Fred Zarinetchi
* Principal Scientist, Abiomed
Danvers, Massachusetts

Michael Dickinson
* Williams Professor, Integrative Biology
* University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley, California

Fred Delcomyn
* Professor, Department of Entomology
* Director, School of Integrative Biology
* University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Urbana, Illinois

A normal human heart beats about two and a half billion times during its lifetime. But what happens when that heart isn't normal? In this hour of Science Friday, guest host David Kestenbaum takes a look at the challenges of engineering an artificial heart. Then we'll turn our attention to insects. Insects can do many things better than any machine, but scientists are trying to find out their secrets. Coming up in this hour, we'll talk with two researchers studying how insects sense the world and move around in it, and who are trying to apply what they learn to build robots that use some of the same tricks.



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