The Key to the Answer? It's 'It'

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In the on-air puzzle this week, clues are given to two words. If you insert the letters "I-T" somewhere in the first word, you get the second word.

Example: If the clues are "an elevator company" and "an inflammation of the ear," the answer would be "Otis" and "otitis."

Challenge from Last Week: Take a familiar three-word title, with four letters in the first word, two letters in the next and six letters in the last. The last word contains the consecutive letters "R-A-N." Change the "R-A-N" to "O-R" and you'll get another familiar three-word phrase. What is it?

Answer : Tour de France and tour de force

Winner: Andrea Alterman from Hastings-on-Hudson, New York.

This Week's Challenge: Will has a problem. For a long time squirrels have been jumping from trees near his house onto his roof. His house has an attic fan, and the squirrels can enter the attic thru a hole cut in the roof for the fan. Will had the tree branches cut back from the house to prevent the squirrels from getting into the attic. Now the squirrels have started running up his front steps, jumping up on the railing at the top, jumping six feet onto the telephone wires leading into the house — and from there, jumping to the roof. As Will cannot get rid of the railing, the telephone wires or the front steps, how can Will prevent the squirrels from getting onto his roof? Send Will your solution. The winner will be the person who sends in the best, most creative, or most amusing solution, bearing in mind that it has to work.



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