Chaise Lounge: 'Music To Dress Up By'

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Washington, D.C. area group Chaise Lounge recently released Second Hand Smoke, its second album. Elliot Berlin hide caption

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If you type the term "chaise lounge" into a search engine, you'll see plenty of sites where you can buy patio furniture. If you type in the terms "Chaise Lounge" and "Big Kahuna Records," you'll come up with a group of musicians who have just released their second recording, Second Hand Smoke.

Just The Music

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Two members of Chaise Lounge spoke with Liane Hansen in NPR's performance Studio 4A. Vocalist Marilyn Older was joined by guitarist and composer Charlie Barnett.

Hansen asked how the band describes its music.

"We've gone around and around on this, trying to find a, even a made-up genre," Older says. "And I don't know if we've done so. Have we succeeded at that, Charlie?"

"I don't know," Barnett says. "I put a call out to try and find this out. The best one I heard was 'chill ska.' ... I'm not even sure if that comes close. I ended up thinking, maybe not so much a musical term, but more like 'music to dress up by.' It's kind of like the hottest sounds of 1962 that really didn't happen in 1962."

Barnett and Hansen discussed the music on its new album, and Chaise Lounge performed a duo version of "Lonely Is As Lonely Does," from the band's first record The Early Years.

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