NPR News Special: New York


Caleb Carr
* Novelist and Military Historian
* Author, The Alienist (Bantam, 1995)
* Author of the forthcoming book Conquoring Terror: The Failed History and Doomed Future of Warfare Against Civilians (Random House, December 2001)

Michael Tomasky
* Political Columnist, New York Magazine

Deborah Tannen
* Professor of Linguistics, Georgetown University
* Author, The Argument Culture (Ballentine, 1999)

Bruce Feiler
* Author, Walking the Bible: A Journey by Land Through the Five Books of Moses (William Morrow, 2001)

John Mason
* Tour Guide, Circle Line Sight-Seeing Company

Gustavo Bonevardi
* Architect in New York (proposing art project in place of WTC called "Towers of Light")

Julian Laverdiere
* New York Artist (proposing art project in place of WTC called "Towers of Light")

In response to the unprecedented terrorist attack on the US, NPR News will continue to bring you special coverage all week long. We'll have the latest updates from New York and Washington, interviews with newsmakers and analysts and hear from NPR reporters around the your calls.



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