NPR News Special: Hour Three — Expansion of Military Strikes to Other Countries


Simon Montlake
*Reporter, Christian Science Monitor

Alexander Pikayev
*Scholar-in-Residence & Non-Proliferation Program Co-Chair at the Carnegie
Endowment for International Peace in Moscow *Editor-in-Chief, Nuclear Proliferation Journal Carnegie Endowment Moscow Center

Robert Kagan
*Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (writes on military strategy)
*Former Deputy for Policy Planning, State Deptartment during the Reagan administration

Farid Abboud
*Ambassador of Lebanon to the United States

Warren Ritchie
*Correspondent, Christian Science Monitor (covering the Organization of Islamic, Doha, Qatar)

Scott Macleod
*Middle East Correspondent, Time magazine (based in Cairo) *Wrote piece in this week's Timeabout men's opinions in cafes in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Brenda Panzak
*Passenger on American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Chicago on Oct. 8, 2001 where a mentally disturbed man broke through the cockpit door.

T.R. Reid
*Bureau Chief The Washington Post based in London *Contributor to NPR's Morning Edition

It's day four of the U.S. bombing campaign on Afghanistan in the war against terorism. It's a war that the Bush administration says may ultimately be carried to other countries as well. We'll bring you news events live as they happen, and talk to our reporters and analysts about the latest developments. Join Neal Conan for continuing special coverage from NPR news.



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