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Mayors Roundtable

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Mayors Roundtable

Mayors Roundtable

Mayors Roundtable

Only Available in Archive Formats.


Martin O'Malley
*Mayor of Baltimore, Maryland

Lynn Stauss
*Mayor of East Grand Forks, Minnesota (population 7,800)

Bart Peterson
*Mayor of Indianapolis, Indiana

Marc Morial
*Mayor of New Orleans, Louisiana
*President, United States Council of Mayors

Patrick McCrory
*Mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina

John Jansen
*Fire Chief of Columbia, South Carolina
(talk about cities program to raise $354,000 to buy New York City a new fire truck)

Since September 11th, the nation's attention has focused on New York and Washington, the cities most directly affected by the terrorist attacks and the latest anthrax mailings. But citizens throughout the nation — whether in big cities and small towns — have realized that they're vulnerable too. Join Neal Conan for a discussion with mayors from around the country about how their communities are dealing with the war on terrorism.