Update on the Military Campaign in Afghanistan

David Molpus (2-way)(update on US military in Afghanistan)
* NPR Reporter

Major Charles Heyman
* Editor, Jane's World's Armies (900 page reference book on armies)
* Royal Army National Security Expert

David Isby
* Defense Consultant
* Author, War in a Distant Country: Afghanistan Invasion and Resistance

Bill Kristol
* Editor, The Weekly Standard

Dick Couch
* Retired Navy Captain and Former Navy SEAL (platoon commander, led a pow rescue in Vietnam)
* Author, The Warrior Elite: The Forging of SEAL Class 228 (Crown, 2001)

Peter Jennings
* Anchor, ABC's World News Tonight

The US has entered its fourth week of air attacks against the Taliban in Afghanistan. Reports of Afghan civilian casualties continue to surface and the US has admitted bombing errors including a Red Cross food warehouse. What's the best strategy for achieving US military objectives in Afghanistan? On the next Talk of the Nation, Neal Conan talks with military strategists about the campaign to unseat the Taliban and how US ground and air strikes can do the job.



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