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Afghanistan Update/Cloning

Only Available in Archive Formats.
Afghanistan Update/Cloning

Afghanistan Update/Cloning

Afghanistan Update/Cloning

Only Available in Archive Formats.


Tom Gjelten
*Update on U.S. military in Afghanistan
*NPR Pentagon Correspondent

Sylvia Poggioli
*Update on Afghan representatives meeting in Bonn
*NPR Correspondent in Bonn, Germany

Dan Goure
*Defense Analyst, Lexington Institute (public-policy organization in Arlington, Virginia)
*Expert on Special Operations Forces

Julie Rovner
*Update on cloning
*NPR Science Correspondent

Joe Palca
*NPR Science Reporter

After years of war, Afghanistan's economy and infrastructure have been shattered. Afghans are now taking on the the challenge of rebuilding their nation, and the world is asking itself what it can do to help. What lessons have been learned in countries such as Somalia and Bosnia? When does intervention help or hurt a struggling state? Join Neal Conan for a discussion about nation building, on this Talk of the Nation from NPR News.



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