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Memorization Skills

Only Available in Archive Formats.
Memorization Skills

Memorization Skills

Memorization Skills

Only Available in Archive Formats.


John Basinger
* Actor, National Theatre of the Deaf
* Has memorized all 12 books of John Milton's Paradise Lost

Rebecca Rupp
* Author, How We Remember and Why We Forget (Three Rivers Press, 1998)

Sally Kilgore
* President of the Modern Red Schoolhouse Institute, Nashville, TN (non-profit that develops instructional strategies for troubled schools)

Deborah Garrison
* Poetry Editor, Knopf Publishing
* Author, A Working Girl Can't Win (Modern Library, 2000)

Some schools require kids to memorize the Gettysburg Address and the Pledge of Allegiance. Other schools think memorization is a waste of time. Well, what is value of rote memorization? Still remember verses from your childhood?

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