How to Put You Personal Affairs in Order After September 11th


Tom Gjelten
* NPR National Security Affairs Correspondent

Ronnie Roha
* Associate Editor, Kiplinger's Personal Finance
* Writes Financial Fitness,

Rona Bartelstone
* Social Worker and Geriatric Care Manager
* CEO, Rona Bartelstone Associates (geriatric management firm)

Stanley Mieses
* Lives a couple blocks from World Trade Center sites, witnessed the collapse of both towers
* Weekly Contributor, NPR's Talk of the Nation

Since September 11th, families have begun getting their affairs in order - preparing wills, taking out life insurance policies and generally preparing for the unexpected. On the next Talk of the Nation, Neal Conan talks with guests about the dos and don'ts of HOW TO prepare for the future and face life's sudden changes.



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