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India/Pakistan Relations

Only Available in Archive Formats.
India/Pakistan Relations

India/Pakistan Relations

India/Pakistan Relations

Only Available in Archive Formats.


Celia Dugger
*New York Times correspondent in New Delhi

Steven P. Cohen
* Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution
*Author of several books including India: Emerging Power (Brookings, 2001) and The Pakistan Army (Oxford University Press, 1998)

George Perkovich
*Director, Secure World Program, W. Alton Jones Foundation, Charlottesville, Va.
*Author India's Nuclear Bombs (University of California Press, 1999)

Teresita Schaffer
*Former US Ambassador to Sri Lanka
*Director, South Asia Program, Center for Strategic & International Studies

The conflict between India and Pakistan has many worried about another war between the neighbors. Both sides have engaged in daily gunfire along their border and more than two dozen people were killed in a recent attack on India's parliament. The ongoing fighting between the two countries is over Kashmir, the Muslim Himalayan region that divides the two countries. Are India and Pakistan headed towards war?