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Game Theory & Math

Only Available in Archive Formats.
<i>Game Theory</i> & Math

Game Theory & Math

Game Theory & Math

Only Available in Archive Formats.


Keith Devlin
*Executive Director, The Center for the Study of Language and Information, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California
*Consulting Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Stanford University
*Author The Math Gene: How Mathematical Thinking Evolved and Why Numbers Are Like Gossip (Basic Books, 2000) and Life by the Numbers (John Wiley, 1998)

Greg Macklem
*Calculus Teacher, Elkhart Memorial High School, Elkhart, Indiana

Linda Basch
*Executive Director, National Council for Research on Women (new report is Balancing the Equation: Where Are Women & Girls in Science, Engineering & Technology?)

Stanley Meises
*Lives a couple of blocks from the World Trade Center site, witnessed the collapse of both towers
*Weekly Contributor, NPR's Talk of the Nation

Are you one of those kids who feared math class? Or said to your teacher, "I'll never need long division or the pythagorean theorem"? Every day we use math in ways we're unaware of. "Game theory" and other practical applications of mathematics.